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Syngeneic Models

Champions is constantly updating the data in our bank and as such, please reach out to your local BD contact to provide you with the most up-to-date information possible. We can readily provide customized, comprehensive, and easy to navigate spreadsheets to meet your needs so please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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Cell Line Tumor Type Immunogenic Pilot data Treatments screened Characterization (completed/proposed)
4T-1Breast No; refractoryYes a-PD-1/a-CTLA-4/a-OX40Growth; T/B cells; MDSCs; macrophages
MC38ColonYesYes a-PD-1/a-CTLA-4/a-OX40Growth; T/B cells; MDSCs; macrophages; NK cells
LLCLungNo; refractoryYes a-PD-1/a-CTLA-4/a-OX40Growth
CT26ColonYesYes a-PD-1/a-CTLA-4/a-OX40Growth
B16F10MelanomaPartiallyYes a-PD-1/a-CTLA-4/a-OX40Growth
RENCAKidneyTBDNo a-PD-1/a-CTLA-4/a-OX40Proposed: growth; T/B cells; MDSCs; macrophages, NK cells